Microsoft MVP for the 5th time in a row

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 2019-2020 for the 5th consecutive year:

Dear ,

It is with great pride we announce that Roman Levchenko has been awarded as a Microsoft® Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 7/1/2019 – 7/1/2020. The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award that recognizes exceptional technology community leaders worldwide who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with users and Microsoft. All of us at Microsoft recognize and appreciate Roman’s extraordinary contributions and want to take this opportunity to share our appreciation with you.

I would like to thank my family for ongoing support and everyone of you who have supported me in any form during the last year. So, needless to say, I couldn’t have done the following without all of you:

# Fundamentals of Azure | Translation & Technical Review

# Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches | Technical Review

# publications at the official Microsoft Blog

# social activities (sharing, forums and etc.)

# speaking at local events

# multiple blog posts and continuous learning

I’d like to paste a new photo here…but my Award Kit is on it’s way :). And, as it’s a 5th award, I’m expecting a special accompanying “5 years” ring.  Stay tuned!

Fix: The trust relationship between workstation and primary domain failed

Hi all!

What we have…

During logon process you receive the error: the trust relationship between workstation and primary domain failed.


Computer account  and secure channel password are stored in DC. By default this secure channel password will change every 30 days (absolutely automatic process). When computer is starting , Netlogon Service discovers a DC and receives password. If passwords are not identical, error appears. 


Unplug network cables/ remove connection from virtual adapters, log on as local administrator


Plug network cable/define vswitch for vNIC after successful login and run :

NETDOM RESETPWD /Server:yourDC /UserD:domain\user /PasswordD:password


Reboot and try to log on as domain user.

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