Announcing my GitHub repositories

Howdy, I decided to share some scripts and configuration files via GitHub. This approach has many advantages – user-friendly code (easy to read, easy to use), you can commit changes via pull requests, easier to update the code, you can follow me to instantly receive updates.

PowerShell scripts to automate application deployments

PowerShell DSC scripts to automate software configurations

Terraform and Packer configurations

  • terraform-k8s-aks: automates Azure Kubernetes and Container Registry services deployment. See the blog post.
  • terraform-globalazure-2019: source code from my session at Global Azure BootCamp 2019 Russia. The main configuration file automates deployment of VMs, availability set, load balancer, NSGs and registers VMs with Azure DevOps Deployment Group to make possible CD.
  • packer-iis: packer sample json to create a custom image in Azure. See the blog post.

Azure and Kubernetes


I will keep this post updated. If new repos added, I’ll describe them here as well. Thanks for following. Cheers.

Multibranch pipeline: Jenkinsfile not found

I have been working with Windows-environments for more than 11 years so far and never really thought much  about case-sensitivity (PowerShell, cmd and other tools are case-agnostic, for example, Get-Verb or get-VerB both will work fine). However, today I faced with a little issue while configuring multibranch pipeline in Jenkins:

jenkins multibranch pipeline issue

I use the same paths for my jenkinsfile as for other pipelines (that are not multibranched) and that path is consisted of lowercase letters. In fact, if we open an explorer and check the path, my folder is named as “HelloWorld” plus other directories also have uppercase letters. And once I changed the script path to “HelloWorld/Scripts/Jenkinsfile“, the pipeline successfully checked all branches. The possible reason – multibranch pipelines are provided by completely different and apparently case-sensitive plugin. Looks like we should always use case-sensitive values for everything in order to avoid any strange issues. Ok. New rules, new habits 🙂

jenkins multibranch pipeline issue solution

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