My blog statistics

I started this blog about seven year ago. A lot of things (good and bad) happened since then. However, the blog statistics, which I want to share with you, have being increasing steadily since December, 2012:

// Last update: 12/05/2022

  • 2 design refactoring
  • 250 posts so far
  • 32 unpublished posts (drafts)
  • 500 views daily (avg.)
  • 4k followers (w/social accounts)
  • Over 500 comments
  • Domain Authority : 34
  • Domain Rating: 55
  • URL Rating: 27
  • Page Authority : 51
  • External links to domain: 80 619
  • Domain Age ( 10 years
  • Based on the referrals details, such companies like Dell, HP, Samsung, Intel, Microsoft and others have links to my blog posts in their wiki/jira/kb
  • The SpiceWorks, TechNet, Habrahabr, Experts-Exchange, Stack OverFlow communities have solutions that refer to the blog’s posts.
  • There are multiple set of keywords that get my blog on the first page of Google and other search engines

Thanks everyone who reads and supports the blog in any way. I really appreciate that. Also, I am pleased with such statistics and going to continue running the blog in upcoming new year.

Since then,

Happy holidays!

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