Comparison Guide for vSphere 6, Windows Server and Red Hat

Picture galleries are based on the VMware official comparison guide

Licensing and pricing are not included. Here is the only the technical comparison of vSphere 6 with Operations Management , Windows Server/System Center 2012 R2 and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.5 . It is also not applicable for upcoming Windows Server and System Center 2016 which bring new Hyper-V advanced features

Update: Windows Server 2016 vs vSphere 6 @channel9 by Matt McSpirit (Microsoft)

Virtualization Platform

Administration and Management

Operations Management


High availability



2 thoughts on “Comparison Guide for vSphere 6, Windows Server and Red Hat”

    1. I was paid to keep quiet about this paid comparison. I’m sorry for that ..but you can contact me privately and I’ll help you with getting discounted VMware vSphere with O/M. rofl

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