Passed 70-347 Exam: Enabling Office 365 Services

I’ve just passed the last required 70-347 exam by the MCSA:Office 365 certification path .

mcsa office 365 certification path

This exam is absolutely different from 70-346 and dives more deeply into Exchange Online (50%), Sharepoint Online (15%), Skype For Business Online (30%) and 5% miscellaneous (onedrive for business, yammer, office 365 plans, licenses and etc) . It’s an approximate distribution of figures based only on my experience.

One fact: Microsoft does a huge work making exams more and more complicated. It means you should pay more time and attention during preparation.

There are 54 questions in total and a lot of drag-and-drops questions and 80% PowerShell inside. Forget “click, click” times . If you are not familiar and don’t work constantly with PowerShell it’s very difficult and sometimes impossible to pass exams (btw, Second Shot is ending on 01/12/2016)

I published study guide for 70-346 exam some weeks ago and now I’m going to complete this pack of guides by adding guide for 70-347.

Thank you for reading and happy holidays!

exam results 70-347 office 365

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