Hyper-V Sessions at Ignite

The Future Microsoft Datacenter/Fabric

Mathew John and Jeff Woolsey — Platform Vision & Strategy (2 of 7): Server Virtualization Overview

Philip Moss — The Power of Windows Server Software Defined Datacenter in Action

Andrew Mason and Jeffrey Snover — Nano Server:  The Future of Windows Server Starts Now

Dan Harman and Jeffrey Snover — Remotely Managing Nano Server

Hyper-V Nuts and Bolts

Ben Armstrong and Sarah Cooley — What’s New in Windows Server Hyper-V

Senthil Rajaram and Jose Barreto — Hyper-V Storage Performance with Storage Quality of Service

Allen Marshall, Amitabh Tamhane, and Dean Wells — Harden the Fabric: Protecting Tenant Secrets in Hyper-V

Ben Armstrong and Rob Hindman — Upgrading your Private Cloud to Server 2012R2 and Beyond

Aidan Finn — The Hidden Treasures of Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V

Matt McSpirit — Migrating to Microsoft: VMWare to Hyper-V and Microsoft Azure

Jeff Woolsey — Preparing your Fabric and Applications for Server 2003 End of Support

Source: http://blogs.technet.com/b/virtualization/archive/2015/05/13/hyper-v-content-at-ignite.aspx

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