Microsoft VDI and VDA FAQ 3.0:

Currently, there is no SPLA model for Windows VDA. Hence, customers
who subscribe to desktops from a third-party hoster will need to
pay Microsoft for a Windows VDA license for each device accessing
Windows client virtual machines in the datacenter. Additionally, hosters
need to ensure they isolate the hardware and other resources for each
company. Any hardware running an instance of Microsoft software (OS
or application) must be dedicated to a single customer. For example, a
SAN device that is not running any Microsoft software may be shared
by more than one customer; whereas, a server or SAN device that runs
Microsoft software may only be used by one customer.

Services Provider Use Rights (April, 2015):

Desktops delivered as a service are supported under SPLA using Windows Server and Remote Desktop Services (RDS). The Windows Desktop Operating System cannot be used to provide a hosted client, hosted graphical user interface or desktop as a service.

Providing Microsoft Desktop as a Service licensing guide:

Offering a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution requires giving your customer an appropriately licensed solution for the entire software solution stack. The software solution stack depends on the software delivery model selected:

  • DaaS through the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) via the Microsoft Windows Server Operating System or
  • DaaS through Dedicated Outsourcing using your customer’s Microsoft Volume Licensing agreement.

No option is available in the SPLA to provide a hosted virtual desktop using the Windows Desktop Operating System; however this is possible to do through Dedicated Outsourcing.

dedicated outsourcing vdi microsoft

DaaS through SPLA does not require dedicated hardware.  You can provide DaaS through a SPLA on servers accessed by more than one customer.

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