How to set up invisible status in Lync?

Lync presence statuses provides an opportunity to say someones “what are you doing at the moment?” or something like this. Available,Busy,Away and Do Not Disturb are in the “box” version Lync Client.  Using Lync Server Management Shell (LSMS) you can add an exclusive status – Appear Offline. It’s a great! I’m serious. I prefer “Appear Offline” than “Do not Disturb”.

1. Open Lync Server Management Shell and type

Get-CsClientPolicy Lync

    This cmdlet shows you all client policies in your lync environment.

2. Note “EnableAppearOffline“. By default, it’s disabled

EnableAppearOffline Lync 2010

3. To enable invisible status we have to add new or set up existing client policy. I recommend to create a new policy and test user for testing before you apply this policy to real users. For example , let’s create the new policy “OfflineOn”

    New-CsClientPolicy -Identity Tag:OfflineOn -EnableAppearOffline $True -Description ” “New Client Policy in Lync

4. Grant created policy to user

             Get-CsUser -Identity name | Grant-CsClientPolicy -PolicyName OfflineOn

5. Checking the result previous cmdlet. As you can see , user “rlevchenko” has a newly created client policy ‘OfflineOn’

         Get-CsUser -Identity name


6. Restart your Lync client and enjoy!


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