vSphere Web Client Keyboard Shortcuts

vmware vsphere keyboard shortcuts

Operation Action Comments
CTRL+ALT+1 Navigates to vSphere Web Client Home
CTRL+ALT+2 Navigates to vCenter Inventory Lists
CTRL+ALT+3 Navigates to vCenter Hosts and Clusters
CTRL+ALT+4 Navigates to VMs and Templates
CTRL+ALT+5 Navigates to Storage
CTRL+ALT+6 Navigates to Networking
CTRL+ALT+S Focuses your cursor in the search box To initiate quick search
CTRL+ALT+H Opens vSphere Documentation Center start page http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-60/index.jsp?lang=en_US
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+H Displays context-sensitive help It’s useful when you are not sure what you need to choose to get the right configuration. For example, you are adding new distributed switch and don’t know what version of DS you should use. Just press the following keys and  appropriate article in the documentation center will be opened automatically. Timesaver!
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