Configuring TMG topology with arrays and NLB

Hey, guys! I’m going to share my experience in setting up TMG network topology from “greenfield” including configuring TMG array, NLB on protected adapters, deploying TMG clients and much more.

My planned test network:


I’ll publish more information in a short time. Keep in touch and follow me to receive updates!


How to fix event ID 3112 “The virtual machine could not be started because the hypervisor is not running.”?

1. Check if your CPU supports virtualization technology . Download CPU-Z and check instructions list for Intel VT-X or AMD-V.

AMD-V on AMD Turion

2. Check if virtualization enabled on your CPU (CPU Configuration, BIOS). For example, on Intel Sr1670HV Intel Virtualization Tech and Execute-Disable Bit Capability must be enabled. Usually, you have to just find settings (in CPU Configuration) that contains “Virtualization” or “Execution” and enable them.


3. I had a problem with enabling hypervisor on my server and both (1,2) steps did not help me.Before it I have had an issue with OS loading, so I repared my server using bootrec.exe utility (/rebuildbcd and /fixboot parameters).  According with I checked my bcdedit (just type it into cmd) for the following parameter and noticed there were no one:

hypervisorlaunchtype [ Off | Auto ]

Controls the hypervisor launch options. If you are setting up a debugger to debug Hyper-V on a target computer, set this option to Auto on the target computer.

I solved it by running bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto. Restarted server and successfully started my VMs.


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