Update Rollup 7 for System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager

Microsoft has announced new rollup for VMM with new added features:

Support for Windows 10 Client Operating System

After you install this update, you can provision and customize Windows 10 Client Virtual Machines (VMs). This support does not include installing Virtual Machine Manager Console on Windows 10 operating system clients.

Support for new Linux Operating Systems

After you install this update, you can provision and customize Debian 8 Linux as a Guest Operating System.

Support for VMWare vCenter 5.5 management scenarios

With Update Rollup 6, we announced support for basic management scenarios for vCenter 5.5. Building on our roadmap for vCenter and VMM integration and supportability, we are now pleased to announce a broader supportability matrix to manage vCenter instances in the VMM console.

Support for Multiple External IP Addresses per Virtual Network

You can now have multiple external IP Addresses assigned to a single Virtual Network if you have Update Rollup 7 or a later version installed in your VMM environment.

Update Rollup 7 includes the ability to set multiple IP addresses for NAT in VMM by using PowerShell. This update raises the capability to a higher level in the stack by having support in VMM for the Fabric Administrator.

Option to Reassociate Orphaned virtual machines to their Service or VM role

If you ever had to remove a host that hosted Service or VM role virtual machines, and you wanted to wave a magic wand to reassociate a virtual machine to its service or VM role after the host is recommissioned to VMM, we have the solution for you in Update Rollup 7. You can now reassociate an orphaned virtual machine to its service or VM role after the host server is recommissioned to VMM.

Support for VMM DHCP Extension PXE/TFP Forwarding

Administrators who depend on PXE to set up virtual machines or hosts can now perform a PXE boot by directly taking advantage of VMM DHCP extensions.

+ there are some issues are fixed in this update

Hyper-V Network Virtualization (HNV) policy distribution is not sent to a Host intermittently. The effect is that VMs active in that host will be unable to send or receive network traffic to other VMs inside or outside the VM network.

Duplicate computer names are created for VMs when you use the <name###> pattern in a VM Template. In this case, virtual machine deployment fails when you create a virtual machine.

The VMM console crashes randomly with System.NullReferenceException. Earlier mitigation was to restart the VMM.


For complete information go to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3066340

Update Rollup 7 for SC 2012 R2 (WAP,SCOM and etc)

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