Dell PE VRTX: Unable to see shared LUNs in BIOS and during OS installation

Dell PowerEdge VRTX is a new concept of “blade systems” or shared infrastructure. All-in-one system ideally provides benefits of enterpise blade systems for small and medium organizations. Certified for Windows Server 2012/R2 and recommended for using in the WSFC (Windows Server Failover Clustering) configurations. Cluster can be build with up to 4 server nodes and shared SAS Perc 8 controller (can be in the optional fault-tolerance configuration) with up to 25 2.5” SAS HDDs.

Configuration of Dell VRTX is very easy for understanding , but has a limitation:

The Shared PERC 8 also cannot be supported as booting shared storage for operating system installation for the host. 

Let’s imagine, you create a few virtual disks and map to VRTX server slots, run Lifecycle controller (F10 during POST check) – Deployment OS. One is the biggest advantage of Lifecycle – it prepares your system for OS installation (it means that LC adds an additional volume which consists required drivers for specified OS). During OS installation you notice that SHARED LUNs are visible and you ABLE to “click next” and continue OS installation. BUT! SHARED LUNS ON DELL VRTX DOESN’T SUPPORT BOOT VOLUMES. If you will continue with shared LUN, there are some bugs and issues (OS cannot boot and something like this)

So, 1) shared luns only for data not for booting usage 2) use local disks on server slots or mirrored SD cards (only for vmware, not for Hyper-V)

Reference: PowerEdge VRTX: M520 and M620 Blades Not Able to See Shared PERC 8 Virtual Disk in host BIOS and LC

TIP: Configuration of Dell VRTX for Windows Server 2012 R2 WSFC will be available soon

5 thoughts on “Dell PE VRTX: Unable to see shared LUNs in BIOS and during OS installation”

  1. Hey, appreciate this is an old post, but i’m trying to do this with Server 2016 (long story, but no disks in the blade at the moment) as a temporary measure. It doesn’t seem to work for me. I an see the storage at the install screen and it looks like it formats. But when i click next. It throws an error. is there any setting that im missing??


  2. Ok, so update. I’ve managed to install the OS via the LC deployement and UEFI. However doesnt find the drive after install. And in the UEFI boot options i see Unavailable Windows Boot Manager as the first boot any ideas?

    1. LC adds all required drivers I guess it helped. You trying to install on local disks or shared volume? I used local disks and OS installation was straightforward.

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