Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Connection is greyed out #VMM2012SP1

VMM supports local and remote storage (block or file storage). If VMM supports your storage (see “Supported Storage Arrays for System Center 2012 VMM”) you can add one in 4 clicks. Notice some storage devices doesn’t have embedded SMI-S provider. In that case , you need to implement additional “interface” ,called as proxy, between VMM Server and storage device

Typical usage scenarios for storage features in VMM:

  • Assigning and adding storage to hosts or clusters
  • Cluster creation
  • Scale-Out File Server
  • Rapid Provisioning

TIP:Do not install the SMI-S provider on the VMM management server. This configuration is not supported.

Please see technet article to get more information:

I have to add my storage (IBM  Storwize V3700) to VMM. This storage has embedded SMI-S provider , so we need to provide just IP address and account to access device. According with we also need to select the @Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection check box to enable HTTPS for communicating with the SMI-S CIMXML provider. As you see, this option is greyed out for both protocols SMS-S WMI (it is normal) and SMI-S CIMXML.


Resolution: uninstall KB2840632 and KB2833958

wusa /uninstall /kb:2833958 /norestart
wusa /uninstall /kb:2840632 /norestart


Restart you server and open VMM console. Use SSL option is active now!


Click Next , Import certificate


Click Next


Select your LUNs and create classification for them


Verify that running jobs completed without any errors


That’s all!


2 thoughts on “Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Connection is greyed out #VMM2012SP1”

    1. Yeah! VMM 2012 R2 without P2V 🙂 For some customers it’s not suitable.
      “The Product group is aware of the P2V requirement and is working on alternate methods to provide this functionality.”

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