Weekly News Digest | Windows Server 2016 Scalability and more

Windows Server 2016 compute maximums

The new post in Windows Server blog is published on 08/25 and confirms the following scale changes in Windows Server 2016:


So, Windows Server 2016 delivers the new-leading scalability to virtualize any and every workload without any exception.

What about vSphere 6.0? vSphere 6.0 maximums are far short of the WS. But I’m almost sure for 99% VMware will update their maximums as soon as possible (next major release). May be we will see updated vSphere 6.0 scalability before WS 2016 RTM.  HA scale digits are the same for both  WS/vSphere so far (FT/resource pools are excluded)

The difference between vSphere 6.0 and Windows Server 2016 compute values are below:


*12 TB is supported on specific OEM certified platform

New VMware migration offer for Windows Server 2016

If you are really interested in Windows Server 2016 or plan migration from VMware, Microsoft has a special offer to you.

From September 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017, customers who switch workloads from VMware to Hyper-V can get free Windows Server Datacenter licenses when buying Windows Server Datacenter + Software Assurance. That ultimately means customers only pay for Software Assurance, which provides multiple benefits.

To be eligible for the VMware migration offer, customers must follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Engage your account executive or sales rep to begin the process.
  • Step 2: Identify virtualized workloads to migrate and specify the Windows Server Datacenter cores required.
  • Step 3: Provide your account executive proof of eligibility. (Offer applicable to customers migrating from VMware to Microsoft).
  • Step 4: Engage your partner to start the migration process.
  • Step 5: Receive free Windows Server Datacenter licenses with Software Assurance and pay only the cost of Software Assurance to kick start your migration.

Check out the new VMware Shift website for more detailed information as well as technical comparisons and more reasons to choose Microsoft over VMware.

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I’m a VMware vExpert 2016

vExpert (1)

Back in 2012, I created this blog. I didn’t stick with the specific goals..it was and is just my notebook which helps to organize my own knowledge. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I’ve always managed to pull myself together and I don’t think I could imagine what I have now.

I was awarded as Microsoft MVP after 2 years of hard-working on forums, WIKIs, blogs, real life.. etc. It was my first award and each year I’m trying to keep one by doing my best.

I’d like to thank once again Microsoft staff and other MVPs  who found me, noticed and decided to open doors to MVPs family. I really appreciate it. It’s a great honor to be part of it.
You guys are awesome. I learned from you there are no any limits, you should never give up and keep always moving forward…no matter what. I’m trying to do that in the right way.

And last Friday I was selected as VMware vExpert 2016. I’m so excited, I’m speechless. It’s priceless to me. VMware has the most advanced technologies in virtualization and clouds. The winning a such recognition is a result of long work from 2012 till now.

Being the holder of both Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert means to have a heavier responsibility , endless self-development and more valuable contribution than what I had before. Well, this is all too much to deal with at once :).

vExpert can be compared to MVP. There are almost the similar benefits:

  • Award certificate and gift
  • vExpert logo to display on website or email signature
  • Access to a private vExpert community
  • Free subscription to conference session materials on VMworld.com
  • Access to exclusive online events and other opportunities to participate in activities
  • …..and etc

All of these benefits will be unclosed after VMworld 2016 (August 28 – September 1).

I think it would be a great time to level up content/blog (design?). Anyway, it’s going to be an interesting part of the year!

Until then,
have a great weekdays!


:: my  deepest thanks go to my blog’s visitors and other followers. It’s also your merit!