RDS: Unable to connect to the server by using Windows Powershell Remoting


You are trying install RDS 2012 R2 (no matter quick or standard mode) and get error during compatibility check:

Unable to connect to the server by using Windows PowerShell remoting.

rds compatibility error

  • Server is joined to domain
  • Server is running on 2012 R2 up-to-date
  • Current user is a member of  group “Administrators”  (lusrmgr.msc  -> groups)
  • PowerShell is configured to receive remote queries (Enable-PSRemoting)
  • Remote Desktop Services are not forbidden in GPOs (default policies)
  • Remote management is enabled in Server Manager (servermanager -> local server -> remote management)
  • Firewall rules for remote management are enabled (Get-NetFirewallRule *winmgmt*|select name,enabled)
  • There are no network and time synchronization issues between this server and my environment


If you ping server you may notice IPv6 name format (in my case). Windows Server management consoles don’t like it in my case (any thoughts/comments?). So turn off IPv6 (if you are not using it) on your network adapter. I think unchecked “register this connection in the DNS”, ipconfig /flushdns work too. But did no try.

I had a lot of VDI deployments but faced with this problem for the first time.

Note:  same issue was with Active Directory mmc. There was the wrong status of Domain Controller in “change domain controller..” (was Offline). Turning IPv6 ON resolved this behavior. Agruments against disabling IPv6

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