Passed 70-665 exam!!

Woohooo! I’ve passed 70-665 PRO: Lync Server 2010,Administrator exam from a second shot. It’s really great and interesting exam with 48 questions in it. There are two sections : Case Studies  and Multiple Choices (test~70-664). Case studies are set of questions about 3 separate companies (Litware,Contoso,Adatum) and you need to review their existing infrastructure, requiremens and recommend a right solution in diffirent situations (PSTN connection, load balancing, creating certificates and etc.).

Are you preparing for the exam? Use my post about Lync learning resources


My preparation materials:

– Mastering Lync Server 2010, Lync Server 2010 Unleashed
– Technet
– Microsoft guide about deploying Lync Server Ent.
– labs, labs, labs and customer projects

How to upgrade DPM 2012 to DPM 2012 SP1?

Upgrading DPM 2012 is like DPM installation with some new things inside

1. Launch DPM Installation Wizard
2. Choose ” Use the dedicated instance of SQL Server” and click “Check and Install

3. Wizard determined that you want to upgrade existing DPM database and shows you the following messagedpm2012-to-sp1-upgrade-2

4. Click “Next” , type Password for DPM Service, license key and click “new” button “UPGRADE” and wait while wizard upgrades DPM.dpm2012-to-sp1-upgrade-3

5. Run searching windows updates and install DPM rollup for sp1. Reboot your server.

6. After upgrading and updating don’t forget to update DPM agents from DPM console. If your agents installed in domain, just highlight every agents and click “Update”. For updating agents in workgroup area, use this link

7. Updating agents to the latest version of agent